GCC Youth Empowerment Program (GCCYEP)

Gold Crown Collection Youth Empowerment Program (GCCYEP) is aimed at empowering young unemployed nigerians between the ages 18 to 27 years
who are passionate and ready to show full commitment in learning the business and craft of footwear making. We decided to start this program
having seen the rate of youth unemployment in the country and knowing fully well that the government alone can not solve the problem. The consequences
of youth unemployment are argued to have resulted in criminal activities like armed robbery, kidnapping and social problems such as high poverty rate and
prostitution. The empowerment program is designed to run for ten years while a total of 100 unemployed youths will be directly impacted. We intend to run 2 diets of 4 months training period anually. The first diet of the program will commence in January, 2021 and end in April, 2021 while the second diet will commence in July, 2021 and end in October, 2021.

The remaining diets will run in this same order for the remaining nine years of the program till it comes to an end in 2030
when our company will be celebrating her 15 years anniversary. This brings the total number of diets to 20. We shall be training 8 youths per annum in the
first 3 years, 10 youths per annum in the subsequent 4 years and 12 youths per annum in the last 3 years of the program bringing the total number of the trainees to 100. We will select a minimum of 20% of the trainees based on the prospect we see in them and either absorb them as part of our production
team or sow a seed capital for them to start their business depending on what they want. we intend to do this because we have realized over the years and
from our experience that expertise without a start up capital or a place to start doesn’t create immediate value.


The objectives of this empowerment program for youths in Lagos State are to:
• Increase human resources
• reduce unemployment
• reduce the burden of children depending on their struggling aged parents
• stop all vices related to idleness and unemployment like thugry, stealing
and other fraudulent activities
• improve on the States GDP
• improve industrialization in the state